Rib Eye is Now Rib Eye

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I know I’m supposed to continue the story of the escaping goats, but I must share what happened this past week.

You may remember from the last article I wrote that I own (now owned) a bull named Rib Eye. The day he was born he couldn’t stand up to nurse, so he would have died unless I stepped in. I put him in the seat of my truck, took him home to Wurtsboro and bottle fed him in my kitchen all night. By the next day, he was standing and walking around. From that day on for the first few months, I would bottle feed him several times a day. If I had to go away, he came with me. He even spent Purim in Queens in my parents’ backyard.

Farmer’s Corner

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In this week’s “Farmer’s Corner,” Aryeh Goldschein shares his unique (true) experiences raising golden retrievers on a farm in upstate New York. (Aryeh also has the unique distinction of being the younger brother of Kol HaBirah’s publisher, Hillel Goldschein.)

Some of you may know me as Hillel’s crazy bother who lives on an organic dairy farm in upstate New York. The Greater Washington Jewish community actually has me to thank for Kol HaBirah, as had I not asked Hillel to quit bothering me with his crazy ambitions, he would likely have created Kol HaKelev: Voice of the Dog for me instead.