Addressing a Pernicious Addiction — There is Hope

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In his book “Self Improvement? — I’m Jewish!” psychologist Rabbi Dr. Avraham Twerski argues against the idea that the problem of addictive behavior is secondary or even peripheral to the observant Jew. “One cannot consider oneself to be truly observant if one neglects mussar,” he writes, referring to learning and application of Jewish teachings regarding moral conduct and personal discipline. For Rabbi Dr. Twerski, this includes grappling with “the psychological mechanism of denial [which] can blind a person to even the most obvious self-destructive behavior.”

Stressed or Blessed?

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As a society, we enjoy a standard of living and liberation from menial tasks that goes far beyond the wildest dreams of someone who lived only 200 years ago. Ironically, I think most people would agree that while our external circumstances abound with blessings, our inner experience is far different. Along with the rise of standard of living has come a rise in expectations for ourselves and our families. Be it keeping up with ever-rising tuition rates for our children; balancing the demands of professional, religious, and personal lives; finding time for exercise, sufficient sleep, and leisure; building relationships with spouses and children; and caring for aging parents ... the list is endless and at times can feel crushing.

Ensuring a Culturally-Sensitive Approach to Eating Disorders

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Over the past several years, discussions about eating disorders have markedly increased in the Jewish community. As the Renfrew Center’s liaison to the Jewish community, I believe this is a good thing. These conversations allow all of us — mental health professionals, community and religious leaders, and families — to bring an awareness of a struggle facing many Jewish girls and women and to reduce the stigma that is a barrier to seeking help.

Common Misconceptions About Hospice

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In our first article in this series, we touched on several issues that relate to care toward the end of life. In this installment, we will take a closer look at an important component of end-of-life discussions: hospice, which is widely misunderstood and underused. What follows are some myths about hospice, dispelled:

NEAT New Ways to Energize Your Day

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A recent study published in the journal Science explored some of the reasons why self-described sedentary people can be either lean or obese despite having very similar lifestyles. The study was conducted by observing the habits and practices of 10 lean and obese women and 10 lean and obese men using some very cool physical-activity sensing devices.

Summertime Screentime

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Now that summer is in full swing and kids are out of school, many are maximizing their time at their favorite location — in front of their screens. Many parents are asking: “How much is too much?”

Get Your Protein in Early and Often to Optimize Health

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The word “protein” comes from the Greek word proteios, meaning “primary.” The term was coined by scientists in the 19th century to reinforce the significant role that protein plays in our lives. Our bodies demand protein for the maintenance of skin and muscle cells. Protein is composed of amino acids, which contribute to the regulation of metabolism and cell function and repair. Some of the amino acids that we need to complete these functions are produced entirely by our body, and some are supplemented by diet. Recently, scientists began asking how much protein healthy people should consume, and whether the time of day they eat that protein makes a difference.

Israeli Medical Innovations Inject New Life Into Ailing Patients

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Israeli medical innovators are thumbing their noses at the Angel of Death and changing the way we live.

According to sources within the start-up “ecosystem,” there are at least 6,000 active start-up companies operating in Israel. Within the realm of digital health, the number of active start-up companies engaged in this field has grown from 65 companies in 2005 to over 400 in 2018. A significant number of these start-ups are being financially supported by prestigious global corporations such as Philips, GE Healthcare, Merck, and IBM.

YGW Lecture Series Features Speakers Celebrating Science and the Wonders of G-d

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The “Ma Rabu Ma'asecha: Celebrating the Wonders of Hashem’s Creations” lecture series has been held at the boys campus of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington (YGW) in Silver Spring, Maryland, since November 2016. Each lecture begins with a scientist speaking on their area of expertise, coupled with a local rabbi or teacher giving Torah insights into the topic.

How to Help a Coworker With Cancer

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If you have a coworker who has been diagnosed with cancer, you may wonder, “What can I do to help?” Before leaping right in, the experts at Cancer and Careers, a non-profit dedicated to supporting people juggling cancer and work, say that it’s important to figure out how to provide the most effective forms of support.