Sushi is in the House

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Sushi 7 doesn’t aim to be the place to get made-to-order kosher sushi and poké bowls just because it’s the only game in town. Local restauranteur Michael Chelst said the feedback from customers at this newly opened restaurant within a restaurant, operating inside Nut House Pizza in Wheaton, Maryland, is reflecting his commitment to offer the highest quality taste by keeping things “extremely fresh.”

The Kosher Wines from La Mancha

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It might seem like an impossible dream. Moises and Anna Cohen live in Spain, in Catalonia’s Monsant region, and they are among the first Sephardic Jews to own land in that country since the Inquisition. Not only do they live and work in Spain, but since 2003, they have owned a business, making high-quality kosher wine; certified by the OU and with additional Chareidi hechsherim (kosher certification). I’ll pause while we all let that miracle sink in.

Back to the Basics: Bimbo Bakeries USA Confirms Kosher Re-certification

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After removing kosher certification from many of its items, Bimbo Bakeries USA will once again be selling kosher products.

“After hearing from our loyal kosher consumers and after productive meetings with our Kosher Certifiers, Bimbo Bakeries USA is pleased to announce that we will once again be offering kosher products under the Arnold, Sara Lee and Ball Park brands,” the company announced in late January.

News Updates: Meat Maven, Bimbo Bakery, Seasons Kosher

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Meat Maven at Moti's Market

On Nov. 11, Meat Maven took over management of the meat department at Moti’s Market in Rockville, Maryland. According to Gideon Sasson, the owner of Moti’s Market, and Shalom Rubashkin, a regional director for Meat Maven, this new partnership means more kosher meat options for consumers at lower prices.

Michael Chelst Continues to Up the Kosher Food Game

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Michael Chelst is a loan officer and branch manager for Norcom Mortgage in Rockville, Maryland, but most Kol HaBirah readers know him better as the local kosher restaurateur who has operated DC eatery Char Bar for the past four years. Since 2018, Chelst acquired Nut House Pizza in Silver Spring, Maryland, with Ira Feldman, and the DC-based Brooklyn Sandwich Co. food truck as well.

The Taste of Memories

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Connecting food, heritage, loss, and love for Israel.

Part of what made me want to be a shlicha, an Israeli emissary, is my love for my home country of Israel, as well as my desire to help others see its beauty; to fall in love with it, not just on their own, but through my eyes. To see Israel the way I see her.

Star-K Addresses Claims Regarding Its Products from India

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In his book titled “Kosher,” Georgia State University law professor Timothy Lytton wrote that the Star-K, based in Baltimore, is one of the “big five” kosher agencies that certify 80 percent of kosher food worldwide. The others are Organized Kashrut Laboratories (OK), Orthodox Union (OU), Chof-K, and Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC). The Star-K has a substantial international presence, including in the Far East and India where it certifies 1,000 food facilities.

Don’t Play Chicken With Food Safety

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There’s no recall of Empire brand chicken, just a reminder to follow food safety protocols.

An alert issued by the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) on Aug. 24 caused a wave of concern — and lots of confusion — among consumers who keep kosher. The public health alert, issued “out of an abundance of caution,” notified the public about a potential link between Empire Kosher Poultry raw chicken products and a recent Salmonella outbreak. While the alert was intended to remind consumers how to safely handle and prepare raw chicken, many misinterpreted it as a recall of Empire chicken.