The Great Kosher Escape Adds Adventure to Vacations

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Isaac J. Grossman is an avid outdoorsman and kosher caterer. Moish Zahler is a veteran organizer of hotel programs. Together, they want to whisk you away with the Great Kosher Escape — a new company that creates all-inclusive packages for Jewish vacationers who want adventure along with relaxation, entertainment, Torah enrichment, and gourmet dining. The company is launching this summer with three programs: Mount Washington in New Hampshire, July 4-7; Shabbat Nachamu in the Poconos, August 16-18 (or 20); and Yosemite, the Redwoods and San Francisco, August 25-September 2.

12 Fabulous Boutique Hotels in Israel

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If you don’t care for large hotels but you like the convenience of guest services you can’t get in a vacation apartment, we have great news for you: Hundreds of boutique hotels dot the Israeli landscape from north to south, offering a cozier alternative to large chain hotels.

A Journey to the Bottom of the World

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This past December, my husband and I had the privilege of joining Dan Eleff of and Moishie Hershko of B&H Photo on a once-in-a-lifetime kosher expedition to Antarctica. For 11 days, a group of 51 Orthodox Jews from all over the world set sail on One Ocean’s RCGS Resolute for the southernmost continent on earth.

Searching for Jewish Life on the Silk Road

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Although Jewish settlement in Central Asia dates back to the time of the Babylonian exile, Fred and Judi Kranz of Potomac, Maryland,discovered that finding traces of a formerly extensive presence requires searching away from typical tourist spots. Fred Kranz related their experiences following a portion of the Silk Road in a Jan. 23 presentation to Congregation Beth Sholom’s Team Tov program.

The Taming of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Frank Solomon

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Blinded by the snow and caked in icicles, Frank Solomon of Silver Spring, Maryland, counted his average speed: one step for every 12 seconds. Each breath became harder. Each step pushed the edge of his physical and psychological limits.

Sar-El: Another Way to Experience Israel

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Volunteers for Israel — or Sar-El, as the program is known in Israel — provides participants with the opportunity to live and workon an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) base,mingle with like-minded volunteers from around the world,help Israel’s economy,take excursions to unusual Israeli sites not always available to the public,and much more.Since its inception in 1983, more than 250,000 people have participated in the program.And you can, too!

Sick or Hurt While Traveling? Air Doctor Has Your Back

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A terrible experience on vacation inspired an Israeli to start a service linking travelers to trusted physicians in a growing variety of countries.

After completing his military service, Yam Derfler did what many newly released Israeli soldiers do: He went off to see the world. Only something went wrong in Mexico, when Derfler got sick and couldn’t find a doctor. He ended up in a hospital getting the wrong treatment.

Jerusalem’s Inbal Hotel Reopens in Grandeur

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New 02 Upbeat Jerusalem Cuisine restaurant blends the old and the new

Nestled among historic sites and ancient markets, a high-end travel industry in Jerusalem is rising to the forefront of luxurious lodgings and gastronomic excellence, led by the recently renovated Inbal Hotel located on Jabotinsky Street in the city’s Talbiyeh neighborhood.

Celebrating Chanukah in Thailand

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It’s an annual tradition that goes back decades, but I first joined the celebration of the Festival of Lights in Bangkok, Thailand, during a visit in December last year. The idea was to give my Thai niece by marriage an experience from the Jewish side of the family, and it did not disappoint!

Inscribing the Signature of Friendship Into History

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In 2012, my aunt and I traveled to Prague, Czech Republic. We wanted to see the grave of Rabbi Yechezkel Landau (1713-1793), who we had recently discovered was our ancestor. We prayed at the Altneuschul, Europe’s oldest active synagogue; walked through the Old Jewish Cemetery; studied artifacts at the Jewish Museum; admired the architecture of the historical synagogues; attended a classical music concert; and visited the Kafka Museum, which I highly recommend. Because the trip was during Simchat Torah, we also joined the Jewish community and danced with the Torahs on a closed-off street.