A Taste of Little Italy in the Heart of Pikesville

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Billed as an “authentic Italian dinner experience,” new restaurant Sapori opened May 6 in the Greenspring Shopping Center in Pikesville, Maryland. Its menu, which is in Italian with English subtitles, includes antipasti (appetizers), zuppa (soups), insalata (salads), pizza, pasta, frutti di mare (seafood), contorni (side dishes), and dolcetti (desserts). Sapori’s walls are hung with pictures of Italian landscapes and architecture; and its tables, which seat up to 60 guests, are almost always at capacity.

David Trone: Total Wine and Beyond

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David Trone of Potomac, Maryland, is the co-founder of Total Wine & More, the largest private alcohol retail chain in the U.S. In 30 years, the company has grown from a single location in Delaware to 173 stores in 24 states doing billions of dollars in sales.

Now Serving: Holy Chow

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After much anticipation, take-out restaurant Holy Chow opened for business in the Kemp Mill Shopping Center of Silver Spring, Maryland, this week.

New Kosher Restaurant Coming to Downtown Baltimore

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At first glance, downtown Baltimore might seem like an odd place to open a kosher restaurant like The Daily Special, but having a mixed clientele of Jews and non-Jews is just fine with Daniel Neuman, the Baltimore-based chef brought on by kosher café impresario Salomon Bemaras and Blue Ocean Realty President Jonathan Ehrenfeld. Bemaras and Ehrenfeld engaged Neuman’s services last year to consult on the restaurant’s opening, which is scheduled for later this spring.

People With Certain Food Allergies Find Some Reprieve in Kosher for Pesach Foods

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Managing food allergies is a year-round challenge, but kosher for Pesach food has significant implications for people with several common food allergies or sensitivities. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the top eight food allergens are milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans. Kosher for Pesach food can make it easier to avoid some of these allergens, while making it harder to avoid others.

Potomac 18: A New Facility and National Ambitions

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On Beechcraft Road in Gaithersburg, Maryland, there is seemingly typical industrial park, with businesses selling batteries, tires, trophies, and even entire patios. What makes this industrial park unique, however, is that it is home to kosher caterer Potomac 18’s new facility, which features the largest permanently kosher kitchen in America.

Successful Virginia Microdistillery Catoctin Creek is Also Certified Kosher

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Husband and wife team Scott and Becky Harris started Catoctin Creek, a certified organic and kosher microdistillery in Purcellville, Virginia, in 2009. I spoke with Scott about the choice to get kosher certification, the company’s expansion to the national market, and product recommendations for the holiday just around the corner.