Job Search Nuggets: It’s Not About You

Written by BY: David Marwick for KempMillJobAssist on . Posted in Financial

Introducing Job Search Nuggets provided by KempMillJobAssist, an all-volunteer organization formed about 12 years ago by residents of Kemp Mill to help their neighbors find jobs. The nuggets will include advice on job search topics, highlight free online resources, and answer questions of general interest. Please send questions and comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

“A company doesn’t care what you want.  They want to know how you can meet their needs.” –– Lisa Rangel, founder of Chameleon Resumes

Handling Large and Unexpected Expenses

Written by BY: Rami Mandelbaum on . Posted in Financial

Home budgets can be a very helpful to assist with finances and savings goals. At the same time, they can be very frustrating to track, and life does not always conform to your budget. Many times, the challenge facing a home budget is a cash flow problem. Cash flow is usually reserved as a business finance term, yet the same principles apply to households: money coming in versus money going out with an added dimension of time. In other words, when reviewing a year of income and expenses, one may have the income to support all their expenses yet find the need to always ensure they have cash in their accounts to cover their checks and ETF payments.