Tackling Tuition in Arizona

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I saw your article about tuition in Baltimore in eJewish Philanthropy [Kol HaBirah’s article “Tackling Tuition: The Case of Baltimore” was republished by eJewish Philanthropy on August 11, 2017]. I want to alert you to Phoenix, Arizona, where I live. Arizona is the one state in the country where the day school tuition crisis can be considered “solved.” We have a very large number of tax credit scholarship opportunities as well as Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, and families here pay less than one-third of what they would pay in any other city. I am an administrator at Torah Day School of Phoenix, and this year we gave refunds to over 10 families, who received tax credit scholarship dollars way in excess of the published tuition.

Ashreinu, Ma Tov Chelkeinu

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I was so pleased to read about Ashreinu Educational Programs in Natasha Nadel’s recent article, “Alternative Paths to Jewish Education.” Although this amazing institution is in its fifth year, many people mistakenly assumed that it had closed when its original founder moved out of town. Not only is it still up and running, it is better than ever! The classes are small and the excellent teachers are considered friends by the students. My daughter’s middle school physical science final, for example, was an assignment to build a life-size boat out of paper. The girls then had to actually get inside and float the boat around a swimming pool, receiving points for their understanding and use of the concepts learned in class!

Letters to the Editor - February 3, 2017

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Here at Kol HaBirah, we love feedback–– which is great, because we get a lot of it. We even received feedback before our first issue hit the stands!

Please send your feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can publish it in our regular feedback section. Keep in mind that our general policy is to favor submissions that are provided with a name and location (e.g., Bethesda, Maryland).

Here are a few pieces of helpful feedback our publisher received in response to the idea to start Kol HaBirah:

“So… all that education was a waste?” –– Dr. Goldschein, the publisher’s mom

“It can take you years before you become profitable.” –– Dr. Goldschein, the publisher’s dad

Letters to Editor - February 16, 2017

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I think you did a great job. It is very impressive that you conceived of this and created something out of nothing coordinating all the ‘moving parts’ and coming up with a tangible end product. The fact that it is a tremendous service to the community is icing on the cake. Really-be’ hatzlacha! I hope you see sustained interest and growth. I’m looking forward to your next issue!  –Sarena Mayer

I’m impressed that you had 64 pages in the first issue! I don’t see how you’ll be able to match that in two weeks though. -Half of the community

I read Kol Habirah cover to cover last night and it really enjoyed it (well not all the really long articles but the interesting
ones about dating advice, Abie and food :) It included a good cross section of the Greater Washington community and had great layout and presentation. I am looking forward to the second issue! –Elana Garfield

Get rid of the Abie article. It’s condescending and inappropriate –Anonymous

I read your paper - I really liked the Selma article! –Devon, staff member at Shomrai Emunah